Friday, July 2, 2010

More Asian Gardens!

Did you see Claire's new release with an Asian Gardens Additions set!  Wow, she is one creative woman.  And Rescue Remedies!  So clever and beautiful (and sold out immediately!).

Ok, on to today's card!

A little vellum goes a long way to soften the message.

Card Construction Details:

1.  White panel, masked off sides to make square.
2.  Starting in center stamped the small flower from Asian Gardens repeatedly with 4 different Memento inks. Yes, this means very carefully wiping off each image after stamping.  I use a baby wipe to clean clear stamps.  Easy.
3.  Stamped sentiment on vellum with two inks.  Using the dew drop size ink pads makes this easy.  Trimmed.
4.  Stamped larger circle and then a small circle on top of it to made a medallion like image to anchor the sentiment.  Punched and added it to a punched vellum circle.
5.  Put the whole thing together with a few layers.

Hint:  Scotch Brand Double Sided Temporary Adhesive doesn't show through vellum.

Mood When Done:  Flowery


Mini Announcement:  I am taking an extended break from blogging until at least September.  See you then.  I hope your summer (or winter depending upon where you live) is awesome!


  1. This card is gorgeous!! Love those blues and purples!!

  2. The effect of all the colored flowers was well worth the patience it took to stamp them all individually. So, so pretty!


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